‘Spleen’ sure is a funny word.

by shaysemmens

I met with my doctor a couple of weeks ago now, who advised me that while there was no certainty, he believes that the ‘spots’ in my liver are indeed part of my Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He then told me that I wouldn’t see him for 6 weeks, and instead I was to be sent to the Austin to be treated by the doctors there directly. He advised me that due to the nature of the cancer, and the fact that it has returned, the treatment this time around would be, as he described, ‘shotgun therapy’. It would be harsher than last time and fairly severe.

I have since met with a doctor at the Austin who wanted to meet me to see how healthy I was and explain the next steps. She is going to chat with the Oncology team, as well as the pathologists, to determine the best course of action going forward, and we are to meet this coming Thursday to discuss the plan.

She also told me that besides the ‘spots’ in my liver, the scans also showed spots in my spleen. This prompted two thoughts immediately:-

1. That’s not good. Cancer spreading to multiple organs is never good.

2. I have no idea what a spleen actually is.

We also addressed the fact that due to my category of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma being a rare type (that is, LP Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) which is also not known for moving into organs as mine has done, I am not a ‘text book case’ and they are actually somewhat unsure of what to do with me. Well, that sounds promising!

Apart from that, nothing much has really happened, apart from me taking time off work (unpaid sick leave), and discovering the extended wait for Income Continuity through my super company (a wait of 90 days before I can even claim) and a 3 week wait for processing of Centrelink payments even after getting everything sorted has left me basically broke and with no money coming in in the foreseeable future. Fortunately I don’t have any debts currently or this would be rather alarming. I can see how this could be very concerning for someone in a worse off situation than myself.

There hasn’t been any more tests, no interesting hospital experiences I can share, or anything much worth writing about – which is why it’s taken so long for me to update.

However, in order to give this post some sort of substance, I shall provide the following other updates:-

Update #1:

I got a new shirt! I got it from Hot Topic (and at the time thought some of the money was supposed to go to charity but I can’t actually see that anywhere, so I’m guessing I was kind of wrong about this*. Also, the postage cost 3 times more than the shirt itself, so that was a wise purchase. Still, I thought I needed it).

Update #2:-

I stumbled across something that will help me deal with my eventual hair loss when the chemo starts. With this, no one will be able to tell anything is wrong.

Update #3:-

I met Dan Aykroyd! Okay, so this isn’t remotely relevant to this blog – but come on, I met Dan Aykroyd!

I’ll update again once something of relevance actually happens.

Stay healthy.


*edit:- I have just stumbled across the tag for the F*ck Cancer t-shirt. On it, it gives details about the ‘Dyin 2 Live’ program which the benefits go towards. You can find more information here. So it turns out I wasn’t wrong.