Side By Side

by shaysemmens

Last week I received a package in the mail from Collingwood Football Club. I had some indication that something was coming, as I had been asked for my address via PM in the forums by an admin. I  currently have a thread on the forums dedicated to my situation, of which I have received a great deal of support. However, I still don’t know exactly who within Collingwood is responsible, so I don’t know exactly who to thank.

What I can do, however, is acknowledge this act of thoughtfulness and kindness, so that’s what I’m doing

I’ve been a Collingwood member since 2008 (the year I was originally diagnosed with cancer ). I told myself I’d become a member as soon as I could afford it – and it just so happened that the first year that I had full-time employment was also the year I knew I wouldn’t be making it to a lot of games, due to being diagnosed. However, I had told myself I’d get a membership when I could, and that’s what I did. I didn’t make it to many games in 2008, but was proud to have a season ticket regardless. I’ve had a membership every year since. However, I certainly don’t feel entitled to any special treatment or surprises by the club – considering I’m just one of 70,000+ (or is it 80,000+ now?) members, each with their own issues and hardships, many of them undoubtedly worse than mine.

So to receive a card and signed jumper (signed by the coach Nathan Buckley and captain Nick Maxwell) was completely unexpected and extremely appreciated.

Collingwood’s ‘slogan’ for the past few years has been ‘Side by Side’, an emphasis on the line taken from the club song. It’s acts such as these, and the support of the Collingwood fans and community at large, which have gone far to show that this is not simply a ‘slogan’, but something that is believed in and lived by the club and those who support it.

So I send a heartfelt thank you to the Collingwood Football Club (and the mystery person who initiated this gift) along with all those Collingwood supporters who have gotten behind me via BigFooty and twitter, despite the fact that we’ve never met.

Thank you.

Jumper (Medium) Card (Medium)